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Swap of the Week - Shampoo/Conditioner Refills

Following on from last weeks Swap of the Week where we spoke about choosing a single room to focus on first. Lets stick with the bathroom and share one of our favourite early swaps.

Shampoo and Conditioner Refills! As a curly haired, zero waste girl I personally find it hard to get products that tick all the boxes I try to fulfill. Eco Friendly? SLS and Paraben Free? Rich and hydrating? Plastic Free? Impossible!

And then I discovered Miniml and Faith in Nature, their products are made with sustainability at the core of the business model. Gentle on the environment and great for your hair.

I also use lots of conditioner which can really hit your wallet hard when you buy from a conventional supermarket. But our refills are 10-20c cheaper per 100ml than buying the same brand in a new container. And those cents soon add up! You can also try a small amount rather than buying an entire 400ml bottle and discovering afterwards that it doesn't suit your hair type.

If you prefer to reduce your water usage even further we can also wholeheartedly suggest shampoo bars. Palm Free Irish Soap have wonderful shampoo bars which are also available in store.

So come into our Kildare Store and try some of our refills today!

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