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Announcing our "Swap of the week!" Series

Changing to a more sustainable way of living can seem overwhelming sometimes. We aim to help with that by suggesting a swap of the week. Sometimes this will be as simple as not littering or going for a walk and sometimes we might suggest simple household product swaps that can lower your waste and your costs.

Unpacked aims to make living a zero waste lifestyle less daunting, less expensive and more enjoyable.

For our first swap of the week we encourage you to “choose a room”! What do we mean? Don’t try to change everything in your home all at once. Instead choose one room in your home to focus on for a period of time. In our own home we tried to reduce waste in our bathroom first and our first step was to do a Trash Audit. Next time you are going to empty your bathroom bin take a moment and look at what you are putting into your recycling and waste bins. Could any of it be replaced with a reusable product or a lower waste one? 

Sometimes something as simple as swapping to bar soap can cut your bathroom waste by up to a third. And we offer packaging free, palm oil free, Irish made soap by Palm Free Irish Soap in store and online.



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Let us know how you get on with choosing your room and what single change you’ve focused on in your journey to becoming a minimal waste home in the comments below.

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