Lending Library

Lending Library

Our goal has always been to be more than a shop we also strive to be a community resource for learning about sustainability, home repairs and living a less waste-full life for the people of Kildare Town and surrounding community. To that end we wanted to announce our new (secondhand) lending library which customers can avail of starting tomorrow.

We hope to expand the stock of books over time but are dedicated to stocking primarily secondhand books, and books that center on repairs, growing your own fruit and veg, zero waste living and more. If you happen to have any that you would like to add to the collection we would be so grateful to have them to share with our community.

To borrow a book just let us know in store and we'll take a name and number to log against whatever book you borrow, this will be deleted when the book is returned.

To see what we have click on this link. And if you'd like to drop any relevant books in to us than please do get in touch. 

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